by Ana Vujanović and Marta Popivoda
Première: 29. 11. 2018
Mladinsko Theater, Ljubljana

Freedom Landscapes is an artistic-political journey through the landscapes of anti-fascist and communist memories, which is not afraid of being poetic, affective, sensorial, and experimental, all along conceptually outlining the problem of erasing these memories from the European history. It is a landscape performance, which deals with the Slovenian and Yugoslav anti-fascist history. Documentary materials such as diaries and interviews of women communists and partisans from the WW2 are our point of departure to open wider issues of anti-fascist heroines, womanly face of the war and the relations between the memory and history. The audience is invited to spend time with the artwork and other people and create shared views to what is happening around them today. And what is happening is the memory that struggles to remain history, and that needs us, living people to hold it there.

  • Based on the testimonies: Zora Konjajev, Sonja Vujanović, Zdenka Kidrič
  • Additional texts: Damjana Černe, Katarina Stegnar
  • Dramaturgy: Ana Vujanović
  • Video: Marta Popivoda
  • Direction and dramaturgy assistant: Tery Žeželj
  • Choreography: Sheena McGrandles
  • Set design: Matej Stupica
  • Costume design collaborator: Slavica Janošević
  • Film photography: Lev Predan Kowarski
  • Editing consultant: René Frölke
  • Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj
  • Consultants: Ana Hofman, Gal Kirn
  • Dramaturgy assistant (internship): Jernej Potočan
  • Camera assistant: Gaja Naja Rojec
  • Translation to Slovenian: Sonja Dolžan
  • Translation to English: Vid Ropoša, Sandra Lukič, Žarko Cvejić
  • English language consultant: Jana Renée Wilcoxen
  • Lighting design: David Cvelbar
  • Sound design: Silvo Zupančič
  • Video engineering and mapping: Dušan Ojdanič
  • Stage manager: Liam Hlede
  • Choir: Amila Adrović, Teja Bitenc, Urška Cocej, Sabina Črnila, Polona Glavan, Anja Kocman, Mateja Kuntarič, Mojca Peternel, Ana Smerdu, Tanja Urek, Silvia Viviani, Gaja Vudrag, Anamarija Žagar
Zdenka Kidrič’s recollections were partly gathered from the material in the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.
Zora Konjajev, Adreana Družina, Ivanka Mežan, Miklavž Komelj, Marko Brdar, Dunja Nanut