video kosov@:opinions, where are they coming from?
2007, 5 chanels video installation

The work was exhibited at 49th Octobar Salon, Belgrade
Curated by: Bojana Pejić

This video work is a document of a specific moment of the social-political context wherein the authors live and work. One of the burning issues of the moment is (was) “Kosovo”. However, this work is not of the objectivist-documentary or representational kind. On the contrary. It provides explicit reflection on the part of the authors on that context, and on those of us who live in it and are determined by it, even when we are not aware of it, and even when we believe that we are its free agents. The work does not deal with a representative sample of that context, but with a specific narrow circle of young protagonists of the independent art scene. Without laying claim to objectivity or universality, the work confronts us with the absurdity of the “eternally burning” issue of Kosovo, which has been with us since our childhood.
The framework of this piece is made up of the authors’ dialogues/interviews with friends and collaborators, explicating their thoughts about “Kosovo”, confronting us and the viewers with friction between prejudices, views, doxa and knowledge. In this way, the work raises questions about the relationship between views and knowledge, and about the mechanisms of constituting “opinions”.
The work has been created within the framework of the project “Self-management Educational System in Art”, realised by TkH – platform in cooperation with the Context Gallery 2006-2007. In a debate form, it has been presented as a contribution of the TkH periodical to the project documenta 12 magazines, 2007, in Kassel. It is now exhibited for the first time in a gallery context.

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