Talk to Him 1

‘Talk to Him’, buy information pills 2011
Marta Popivoda

Running time: 21’ 39’’
Director: Marta Popivoda
Choreography: Jennifer Lacey, ambulance Audrey Gaisan, Barbara Manzetti
Performers: Nicolas Couturier, Jennifer Lacey, Audrey Gaisan, Barbara Manzetti
Production: Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, TkH (Walking Theory)

The video-work is produced within ‘I heart Lygia Clark’ project by Jennifer Lacey.

This film has unusual collaboration and copyright policy. It is a result of an accidental encounter of two artists, ungrounded on prescribed plans and expectations from the shooting. Marta Popivoda, the filmmaker ‘had received’ the dance piece “I Heart Lygia Clark” by Jennifer Lacey, and immediately after, she shot the next performance in return. Raw material from this shooting is in possession of both authors and can end in very different films.

The film “Talk to Him” by Marta Popivoda amplifies the multilayer performance – the performance for and with the spectator who doesn’t see it; the ‘backstage’ performance between the three performers who – apart from executing the tasks that produce the sensorial event for the blind / dead spectator – perform their roles for one another; and the cinematic performance constructed by the camera eye. How to locate here the spectator’s eye, the point in which the set of actions, micro-events, and audio-visual sensations become performance? Is it about trust and confidence? In the search of the missing and shifting spectator’s eye the film looses the sovereignty over its ‘object’ and becomes a fragile affective experience, thus transmitting the sensuality of the performance to the film spectators.


Talk to Him 2

Talk to Him 3

Talk to Him 4

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